Last weekend we took a highly anticipated and very awesome trip to Sedona, courtesy of our west-coast family (Aerobat’s web-savvy brother, his business partner and sweet wife, and very adorable bebe).  We love Sedona for how awesome, natural and beautiful it us, but it holds an extra special place in our hearts because it is where we took our first plane date EVER!  Go ahead: Awwww.

Anywhodeehoddie, we were in Sedona from Saturday to early Monday morning, and we stayed in a treetop overlook of a super quaint, lodgey resort right on the creek.  Among the many awesome things we experienced while we were there, I would have to say the super starry, black sky was amazing, and to have that loud creek right out our window made sleeping with the windows open a rare treat. Until we woke up with icicles growing out our noses, at which point the gas fireplace came in very handy and was another VERY welcomed treat.

Among some of our activities while we were there was a Pink Jeep tour which I still have bruises across my lap from.  Not kidding. I would show you, but skin pictures of laps border on inappropriate, and I’m sorry, you’re just going to have to take my word for it. To say the ride was awesome is a gross understatement.  I tried taking video in some of the more intense climbs, but they are so nauseating I’m afraid I will lose all of my readers (or at the very least, all of my readers will lose their lunches) if I post it. Again, you’ll need to take my word for it.

Check out some of the amazing scenery we got to take in, though. I swear I can smell the mountain air just looking at the pictures.

Thank you so much Max & Shannon… we had an awesome time!