I am occasionally (read: always) late to the fashion party.  I resisted leggings when they first came out on the covers of People Magazine saying, “Ugh, passing fad… give it a few months”.  Did the same with skinny jeans saying “HIDEOUS! Not even coked-out LindsLo can pull off skin tight denim”.  And lo, I am a skinny jeans wearing sell-out today.

My name is Coco, and I wear skinny jeans. And leggings. Please pass the tissues, and here is my hand for slapping.

About two days ago, I started thinking about how it’s about time I own a “Boyfriend jacket”.  It has, after all, been in style for over 18 months now, meaning it’s about time I can join in the fad. It’s probably on it’s way out, which REALLY means I’m on track.  Anyway, I found one yesterday for a whopping $29 at Target, and that is how I roll, y’all.  Go cheap on the fads, splurge on the classics. Learn it, live by it.

Here it is in all its boyfriendy glory.

Let me just disclose that this photo is ugly.  It looks way cuter unbuttoned and with the sleeves slightly rolled up to show off the lining.  Maybe I’ll do a Polyvore day and show you a real outfit.  Although, I just realized I’m blogging about a boyfriend jacket and I have yet to adequately blog about my last two VERY eventful weekends, so the chances of a Polyvore post are slim to none.  Heh. Oh well!

Get your uber-cheap boyfriend jacket right here. And you’re welcome, as always 🙂