I am still crafting my post from my weekend with my parents (which, by the way, happened to be my birthday weekend, yahoo!), but will have it posted shortly complete with photos of very hairy, 8-legged freak spiders. I KNOW I CAN’T WAIT, EITHER!!!

In the meantime, I should brag about how awesome I am at Christmas shopping.  I have finished 90% of my shopping, and am feeling, well, rather smug, quite frankly.  I love Christmas, and I love gift giving which makes this holiday akin to crack cocaine for me.  Except that it’s a Christian holiday, and I’m a Christian, and NO I’ve never done crack… I just bet Christmas would be better than crack, that’s all.  Perhaps it’s no coincidence that Santa says Ho Ho Ho… he’s a jolly pimp that’s flat out stoned on Christmas.  Thoughts?

While perusing the web for Christmas gifts that I can’t find in stores (because I am a MAJOR supporter of shopping locally, and if you aren’t shopping locally, at least shop in-stores and not online. This post is me breaking my own rules) I stumbled upon this line: Echo.  You may have seen it before, and I actually first found the line while shopping in the Nordstrom accessories department for scarves and gloves because I was in denial that it was 100 degrees out in October, and I found a pair of gloves that have touch sensors on the finger and thumb so you can use your gloved hands to use your iPhone. BRILLIANT!  In an attempt to find more colors/styles, I checked out their website, and it is all kinda of delightful goodness!!! Here are a few pictures of my favorite items.

The gloves that started it all

Isn’t it all so yummy??? Especially the home decor stuff – who knew!? So go buy some stuff!!