If I were a cool individual with fantastic bone structure, some balls, and an ounce of fashion (oh, and weighing 98 pounds probably wouldn’t hurt), I would totally own the Pixie.

How beautiful is Posh?!? She looks killer no matter what her hair is doing, and I often fall victim to her tresses’ charms. I think in this particular instance, however, my husband might rush out and buy me a wig if I came home like this.  BUT I COULD BE THE NEW POSH OF THE WILD WILD WEST!!!!!

Isn’t it hilarious that people think if they take in a photo of some sexy bombshell of a fashion icon for a “hairstyle” that they will come out looking like that person, lock, stock and sexy body? Isn’t it hilarious that I do that very thing just about once every six weeks?!

Let’s see, I’ve gone through Jennifer Aniston phases at several various points, I have gone through (obviously) Posh phases, I’m currently trying to force Mr. Aerobat into a David Beckham phase (because DUH if I’m going to base my physical identity off Victoria, we have to complete the PERFECT PAIR!). It’s a never ending cycle.

If anyone out there has balls, please cut your hair like this and post a photo as a comment. I need to live vicariously through someone on this one.